Jul 28, 2014

Expecations vs Reality - Big Beach Ball Sprinkler

I have been wondering how well those Beach Ball Sprinklers work since I seen one last year on the shelf at Walmart but I was wary because sometimes things are not what they seem.
We found on at Toy'sRUs on sale this year and it was low enough to risk the disappointment of expectations not living up to reality.
It wasn't hard to find examples of why we determined boxes are sometimes not the reality of the product inside.
So here was our expectation:
and here was our reality.

For once this product worked fairly similar to the display on the box. The kids got soaked and all were happy so all in all I say it's a pretty good find.

The only con I have was they kept tripping over the water hose but that is with any sprinkler system.

Share a Coke® and Spread Some Happiness

This post brought to you by Dollar General and Coca-Cola®. All opinions are 100% mine.
 photo Untitled1_zps3179f8a2.png

My son has been drawn to the share a Coke® campaign since he first seen it on television. His name has eluded us just yet but we will continue to search. We recently learned that our local Dollar General now carries the the bottles of Coke with proper names. Now we are sure to locate his name!

I sent my husband on an errand to the Dollar General after a Coke® tonight and gave him instructions over the phone to pick up a Coke® to share with a friend at work. He decided to get one with the name Alex on it. Tomorrow, he is going to take this bottle of Coke® and give it along with a hand shake to a friend named Alex as a friendly gesture to try to spread some happiness.  

That is if the lovely little bottle of goodness makes it through the night without someone (me) drinking it and then they (me) will claim it was misplaced... Oops. At least there is a Dollar General almost within walking distance.

Milk Jug Recycled into Bird House #thinkoutsidethetoybox

This Monday is the LAST project for Think Outside the Toy Box! How sad is that? I have enjoyed this series so much and it has been a lot of fun. 

Yet there is good news as well!

There is another child friendly series coming soon!!! 

I am looking forward to it but I'm not saying nothing. I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise!

I love working with this wonderful group of ladies and I have had a blast!

This week our Think Outside the Toy Box item was
Milk Jugs

We made a toddler friendly bird house with one.